Scott High School – Scott, Indiana

My mother graduated from this school in 1944 in a class of eight. My father, Robert Grismore, taught here after the war and I believe my mother’s niece, Ruby Boehmer, was in his sixth grade glass. I don’t know if Freddie, her brother, was an actual student of my dad’s or not.

I have pictures of Freddie and Ruby – as young kids and young adults. I’ll post them later under a post title that specifies that. I always thought of the picture of Freddie and Ruby when they were kids when I read my first Bobbsey Twins books. The younger twins were Flossie and Freddie and I imagined them looking just like Ruby and Freddie. I have to admit Ruby seems a better name than Flossie, however. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever known of a real-life Flossie. I’m going to have to Google that.

Ack! I almost forgot to include the school picture. (It’s on a brick from the school, by the way, which was torn down some time ago. I still refer to the site as “up to the schoolhouse” and sometimes my grandkids think I’m losing it. They could be right.)


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